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06 Apr 2011


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Term: Villein
A peasant occupier of land entirely subject to
a lord

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Vill
A settlement, consisting of a number of
adjacent houses and land

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Tourn
The circuit made by a sheriff of a county twice
a year in which he presided at each

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Tithing
Taxing of a tenth part of produce

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Tenement
Property held as tenant marriage portion

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Socage
A form of land tenure involving the payment of
a rent

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Serjeanty
A form of feudal tenure on condition of
providing some specific personal service to
the King. Petty serjeanties could involve
ceremonially presenting to the King annually
a small weapon such as a bow or a dagger or
a knife

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Scutage
Money accepted by the King in lieu of knights
provided for military service.

06 Apr 2011

Saving his sufficiency

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Term: Saving his sufficiency
Leaving him enough to live on

06 Apr 2011


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Term: Russet
A type of cloth, generally dyed reddish-brown